K. Addams (suraktaarati) wrote in divinecreations,
K. Addams

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I got a new wig today ^_^

earlier today:

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Very nice darling!
I love it
Why are you wearing wings? Like do you need them for a reason or do you just like them?
She probably just likes them. People have different likes.
Well, my hair isn't too special looking at the moment, and its in that evil inbetween growing stage from being uber-short..
Plus, I don't have to dye my hair with wigs. ^_^
No offense, and I know you'll take offense to it, but you look WAAAAAAAAAAY better without that silly wig on. I'm open minded to individualism and all, but that's just a little off the richter scale for me. You really cute without it though.
Feh, offence to that?
It would be silly for me not to expect a few negative comments about that thing.
Ok. That makes me feel better. You are super cute though.
I like it and I really like your makeup in the first picture. I think you would look nice with long dark brown hair. Aaaaaanyway, you look great!
Yeh, I sometimes wish I had darker hair :p
And longer for that matter. I kick myself daily for letting it get cut this short. >
That's okay. It will grow back. =)
But slowly.. oh so slowly..