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Weddings anyone? x-posted

Some info or all of you romantic types:

I am a certified Priestess of the Universal Life Church in Modesto,CA. This is a lifetime certification I achieved July 24th,2001 and am now offerring services to the public.

Services offered:
traditional weddings;
traditonal Wiccan ceremony;
pagan blend ceremony;
traditional and pagan blend ceremony;
and other ceremonies custom made for your needs.

Once you decide what kind of ceremony you need,I study the subject and adhere to it's guidelines to please you.
My firsthand knowledge is with pagan,Wiccan,and handfastings,but others are offered due to demand,and will be carried out according to the individual doctrine.
I wear a standard black sheath over a black dress for all ceremonies,unless other apparel is called for by the ceremony.

I am located in Wilmington,NC. I can travel in Wilmington,and immediate outlying areas(ask for list). Farther distances will incur travel and lodging expenses paid for by couple.

$50.00 inside Wilmington.
$70.00 outside Wilmington,in immediate outlying areas.
Outside of those areas,and/or outside of NC,price is $80.00 plus travel and lodging(gas and hotel).

You must get all needed paperwork from your areas Register of Deeds or other party that issues wedding certificates. They will not permit me to do this for you.* Their fees may vary according to your location. And please obtain instructions for you and I to fill out paperwork and send it in,since different areas and certificates have different rules.
A copy of my certification is available upon request.

Any questions,and/or to set up a ceremony,please contact me through email:

Stephanie Hart
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What exactly is handfasting?
Simply put,handfasting is the tradition where the couples hands are bound by a blessed cord,binding their hearts,souls,and bodies together. This is not just a Wiccan right,but a general pagan ritual as well.
For more info,try a Google search on handfasting. There will be many interpretations,as with most rituals and rights,but that is the basic idea.
Thank you. I've always been interested in Wiccan and Pagan rituals and beliefs, but due to lack of time, I've never researched them. Perhaps I should. Again, thank you very much.
They are beautiful religions,I hope you enjoy looking into them. And your welcome,always glad to help.