Steph. Dig It. (sisteradore) wrote in divinecreations,
Steph. Dig It.


I wrote this a long time ago,hope you like.

Autumn and the Widow Scorned
Pale and inviting for others to fear.
She has accepted her destiny to always want.
A side-show freak in a monotone world.
If only they could see her dream,that in the end brings salvation to them all.
Then they would only stare in fascination,instead of contempt at what they could not understand.
She has given up all hope of living contentedly,until the starving eyes of those hungry for truth accept that their present lives mean nothing,and they are reborn to lives of understanding.

Autumn and the Widow Scorned
As the template burns her breast,with the mark of a heretic.
So that all may see what the howling winds did whisper.
She appears in many forms and is the true mother.
In all places she wakes the children with dreams.
But they only will forget as they grow into regurgitated beings,molded by the hands of drones.

She is Autumn and the Widow Scorned
And there is no other.
The tears you cry are the tears of time that she has endured forever.
She is married to the truth you despise,and her children are the fears you hide.
Look into your helpless soul,and she will be staring back at you.
Only if you take her hand,you heart will not break inside you.

Hope you enjoyed it.
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