Steph. Dig It. (sisteradore) wrote in divinecreations,
Steph. Dig It.

I'm alive,I swear! x-posted.

Sorry I haven't been that active lately everyone. Having one of my down times where things are a bit heavy and getting to me. Nothing life altering,but struggles nonetheless. I'll be back to my usual self soon I hope,and active again. I have so much going on,and some of it is not good,so that explains why I've been so slack. Don't hold it against me,k?
Cheers everyone,Stephanie

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Awesome pics.

And we couldn't hold it against you for not being active. Barely anyone has.
I know,it sucks,but hopefully I will personally be posting more soon. I'd hate to see the comm die out.
Whoa I thought you people were not suppose to be seen in the daylight, oh well what do I know. Anyway, you look like you have a little bit of Chinese in you.
What the hell is "you people"?
Anyway,no I don't have Chinese in me(not that I would mind a bit). I'm Italian and Enlgish mostly. Maybe it's the makeup.
Yea it probably is the way you have your makeup.